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Keto Flu: What is it and how to avoid it

Keto Flu: What is it and how to avoid it

What is the keto flu and how can I avoid it?

The Keto flu, which is otherwise known as ‘carb flu’ by many is used to describe the flu-like reactions that often follow the commencement of a ketogenic diet.

It happens as a result of the sudden and drastic removal of carbs from your diet.

One of the major reasons you get this flu is as a result of insufficient electrolyte in your diet.

These electrolytes include calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium. When you made the diet switch, you also cut down on the richest electrolyte sources such as starchy fruits and vegetables which may result in the different symptoms you experience.

The Keto flu usually doesn’t take long; a week or less for an average person. But it can also last as long as two to four weeks in some individual. How long the keto-flu will last often depends on some factors.

If your diet has always been high in processed foods and refined sugar, it’s more likely you have more experience of the symptoms. And this can also depend on the genetic make-up of the individual as some people tend to be more metabolically flexible making it easier for them to shift between diets.

Keto flu symptoms may be very undesirable, yet it’s worth it.

Don’t allow it stop you from getting all the health benefits embedded in the ketogenic diet, so do everything you can to make sure you don’t go out of ketosis.

Symptoms of the Keto Flu



-Sugar Cravings

-Difficulty Falling Asleep


-Brain Fog


-Stomach Upset


How to Manage Keto Flu Symptoms

-Stay Hydrated

-Take an electrolyte supplement

-Eat more Fats

-Engage in light exercise

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