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Shop in one place for all of your low carb and keto products. Whether it’s a weekday handbag snack on the run, Friday night dinner, or a slow Sunday salty, fatty combo you’re after, we’ve got you sorted with our curated collection of the highest quality low carb products in Australia.
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When selecting a range of flavours and options for each snack product, we recommend getting a couple of flavours on rotation to ensure you never get bored of Aussie snack time again.

We pride ourselves on speedy shipping straight to your door, so you can jet in and out of the fruit and veg shop, and have your snacks ready to roll the minute you get home!

Our low carb foods can also be incorporated in your larger meals, whether you are crumbling a seedy cracker onto a salad, or blasting a fat bomb into your morning peanut butter shake – the limit stops only at your imagination!

Don't Blame The Butter for What The Bread Did

We are tempted by the typical carb-full diet that focuses on low-fat alternatives, but educating ourselves on what the real culprit is shifts our eating paradigm for life!

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We’re an Australian supplier of high quality keto foods and supplements. Based right in the heart of Sydney we have over 3000+ happy customers across the country.

OnKeto has become one of the premier Australian brands to supply nutritional keto products to top level athletes, competitors and those on a journey to a healthier Keto lifestyle.