As one of Australia's top suppliers of keto snacks and health products it's our mission to support a healthy lifestyle and make it accessible to all Australians.

Over the years this has won a lot of fans such as athletes, local gyms, health practitioners, influencers and more.

However when it comes to health advice and resources while we do offer some general information on our blogs, we would highly recommend engaging with some of our partners below as they are the expert in their field that can tailor to your personal situation.


Low Carb Down under

Low Carb Down Under

Dr. Rod Tayler is a Melbourne anaesthetist with an interest in weight loss research and low carbohydrate diets. He has given many presentations on the subject of restricting carbohydrate intake for long-term health benefits to medical and other allied health professionals.

Dr Rod Tayler and Jamie Hayes created Low Carb Down Under to bring together people with an interest in low carbohydrate nutrition. Check out their resources page for a wealth of information regarding the low carb diet.

Western Australia

Wellness Perth Natural Medicine

"We have been recommending Onketo to hundreds of our patients here in the last 12 months; our patients are located all over Australia. 
Every one follows our advice on their health journey, and when it comes to reducing their carbs and sugar intake, Onketo makes it easy to get keto products delivered straight to their door"

Kylie Robshaw 

Integrative Naturopath & Medical Herbalist
BHSc (Comp Med), Adv.Dip.(Nat), Adv.Dip.(WHM), MNHAA


New South Wales

Sydney Low Carb

"We are a team of Doctors and Dietitians who promote Low carbohydrate nutritional therapy to treat overweight/obesity, diabetes and a various hormonal disorders such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). We've found that for some clients, a low carb diets can assist with other medical conditions such as improving quality of life, energy levels and weight loss. I especially love the Ultima Electrolytes. We often refer our patients to your online store to assist them in making, and maintaining the transition to low carb.

Naomi Taylor
Practice Manager
Sydney Low Carb Specialists
62B Windsor Road Castle Hill NSW 2154


Open Sparring Gym

Sydney’s friendliest martial arts community

Beginner friendly Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes 7 days a week in the Sydney CBD! Blending world class instruction, modern facilities and an amazing community - come start your journey with Sydney's best martial arts gym!

Open Sparring Sydney