Sugar Free Dark Chocolate - Little Zebra Chocolates

Due to summer temperatures, this product may melt in transit. It still can be used but it may not arrive in original shape. Simply place in fridge when you receive if melted.

There’s no good reason not to enjoy a sweet treat when it’s all natural! Little Zebra chocolates bring you this sugar free, vegan chocolate delight made from 70% cocoa solids in 9 delectable, exotic flavours that will excite the palate. We’re wild for them, and you will be too!

Have you ever heard anyone say they’re not into zebras? Us either!

These chocolate treats from Little Zebra give you another reason to embrace your inner animal. Made with high quality and sustainable cocoa in Australia, these chocolate treats are made from 70% cocoa solids, and are conveniently sugar, nut, soy and gluten free! With less than a gram of carbohydrates per serve, these keto treats are free from preservatives, and naturally sweetened with xylitol, you can enjoy Little Zebra in NINE delicious flavours – from Chai Supreme, to Tahitian Lime, Mandarin, Coconut or even Chilli.

It doesn’t matter if you’re dairy free, sugar free, vegan, or gluten intolerant; All natural flavours and ingredients make our palates and our tummies sing!
There’s something exotic and fun for everyone, when Little Zebra has something to say about it!


Chai SupremeChai Supreme
Chilli SupremeChilli Supreme
Coconut SupremeCoconut Supreme
Dark SupremeDark Supreme
Ginger SupremeGinger Supreme
Mandarin SupremeMandarin Supreme
Mint SupremeMint Supreme
Orange SupremeOrange Supreme

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