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Smart Diet Solutions Protein Bars (Choose your flavour)

You can have these bars as a fantastic keto snack on the go but here's a little secret, one of our favourite ways to enjoy these proteins bars is to simply microwave for15-30secs! Try it out!

There’s nothing quite like these bars on the market in Australia. Made by Australians, for Australians, Smart Diet Solutions low carb protein bars contain only the highest quality ingredients - to the point that their stevia is manufactured purely for them. With 2-4g naturally occurring carbs per serve, 18g of fibre, roughly 20g of protein from grass-fed whey and milk protein isolates, and natural fats from nuts and sugar free chocolate (some flavours only), these bars are about as good as it’s gonna get without sabotaging your keto style.

Chocolate, or strawberry? Oh come on, don’t limit yourself! Smart Diet solutions know that eating the same thing over and over can become repetitive, so they have create their low carb protein bars in multiple delicious flavours! Choose from flavours that replicate your favourite treats without the sugar hit, from Apple Pie to Marshmallow Choc Biscuit… your palate will be spoilt for choice!

$3.95 – $4.95

Apple PieApple Pie
Apricot CoconutApricot Coconut
Banana BreadBanana Bread
Caramel Honey MacadamiaCaramel Honey Macadamia
Chocolate Choc ChipChocolate Choc Chip
Cinnamon DonutCinnamon Donut
Cookies and CreamCookies and Cream
Marshmallow Choc BiscuitMarshmallow Choc Biscuit
Peanut Butter and JellyPeanut Butter and Jelly
Raspberry and White ChocolateRaspberry and White Chocolate
Salted CaramelSalted Caramel
Strawberry CheesecakeStrawberry Cheesecake
Vanilla NougatVanilla Nougat
Dark Choc Cherry CoconutDark Choc Cherry Coconut
Peanut Choc CaramelPeanut Choc Caramel
Mango CreamMango Cream
Rose and PistachioRose and Pistachio
Black ForestBlack Forest
Coconut CreamCoconut Cream
Honey NougatHoney Nougat
Hazelnut RocherHazelnut Rocher

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Mohini Singsit
Protein Bars

They are absolutely delicious & favourite ones are strawberry cheesecake, apricot coconut, peanut butter & jelly, coconut cream & vanilla them!!

Thanks Mohini!

Glad you love the flavours! We also have heaps of others options to try!