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We are totally muffin mad, and only with 30 seconds to wait, thanks to Snaxx! You’ll love this low carb, gluten-free, high protein muffin mix that is ready in the blink of an eye. Warm, comforting muffins are all yours, without even heating up the oven. Available in three flavours, there’s a keto-friendly muffin mix for every mood. 

  • Low Carb and Keto friendly
  • Gluten free
  • High in protein
  • Great for work, travel or a tasty snack at home
  • Made in the microwave in under a minute

Now this is a snack routine we could get very used to. Snaxx muffin mix is here to deliver us delicious, keto-friendly muffins that we can enjoy in thirty seconds!

Available in four flavours to cover all palate preferences, these muffins are the perfect mid-afternoon answer when you get that little sweet tooth, and the vending machine starts to look at you sideways… This is definitely a snack that will fly at work. You’ll be placing a bulk order for the work fam in no time.

Thank you microwave, for making snack time so easy and anticipated.

To prepare:

  • It’s really so simple!
  • Tip your muffin mix into a ramekin
  • Add 20ml water and mix well
  • Chuck in the microwave for 30 - 60 seconds on high, and you’re snack ready!

Available in yummy original, banana, blueberry and savoury flavours. Make sure you check out the rest of the Snaxx range, including one minute cupcakes, and one minute brownies, in four flavours!


100% Almond Kernels (that have been blanched). Pure Whey Protein Isolate (WPI), Pure Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC), Flavouring, Sweetener (Sucralose <1%), Erythritol, Organic Stevia Glycosides (0.56%) Xanthan Gum. Whole Egg Powder, Baking Powder.
Savoury: Consists of 100% almond kernels that have been blanched. Whole egg powder, Baking Powder. 


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