Melinda’s Low Carb Seed Cracker Mix

You can tell your friends you made them yourself! Just add water to this low carb seed cracker mix from Melinda’s and you have the perfect seed cracker to snack on solo, or load with your favourite keto friendly dips and cheeses. Sah. Simple.

You needn’t look down on THIS packet mix..! Melinda’s have gone all out to make your life easier with this unbelievably easy and very affordable low carb crackers mix. Loaded with seeds, they’re great for your guts and sticking to those keto goals #ketolife.

Just add water to this seedy seedy mix and you’re laughing! Best of all, you can tell everyone you made them yourself… Melinda won’t mind.  

Australian made, super low carb and low sugar keto goodness… this is plant-based vegan deliciousness indeed. Load with your favourite keto dips, and the best cheeses from the local markets for seamless entertaining, or add some avo, dukkah and lemon juice for a keto version of your favourite avo on toast. There will be no missing out on the fun stuff for you!

Ingredients: Sunflower seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds, chia seeds, psyllium husk & sea salt.


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