Bare Protein Bar - Slim Secrets

It’s hard to find protein bars in decent flavours that don’t break the calorie bank. Well these fit the bill! Low in carbs, and high in protein, this keto friendly bar is a good natural choice to keep you going between meals, when you need something to fill the void! 

    • Gluten free
    • High in protein
    • Low calorie and carb
    • Made from all natural ingredients

We are loving these Bare protein bars from slim secrets! Unlike other protein bars that are often laden with calories and sugar, these babies are naturally sweetened with stevia, sit around the 135Cal mark, so you can enjoy one in the morning, and one in the afternoon! The perfect addition to your keto low carb lifestyle and in a handy little pack, these are good to go on the run.

Available in berries and cream, double choc, and salted caramel banana, there’s one for every mood.


Berries and CreamBerries and Cream
Double ChocDouble Choc
Salted Caramel and BananaSalted Caramel and Banana

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