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Organic, keto pancakes – what a dream! The Monday Food Co. are getting your mornings on the right track with a low carb, wheat and grain free recipe designed to fill you up, while fitting into that keto lifestyle! In a delicious vanilla bean flavour, you won’t even notice the absence of sugar. It’s a total breakfast time win win! 

  • Low carb
  • Paleo
  • Gut friendly
  • Grain and wheat free

What’s a better treat than pancakes in the morning? Literally nothing! Okay, except maybe guilt-free pancakes that don’t require the mashing of bananas and using up all of your precious protein powder… Enter The Monday Food Co! This vanilla bean mix is the easy, delicious way to stick to your keto guns, while still enjoying your food – and with minimal prep!

All you’ll need is eggs, milk, and a little butter or coconut oil, and a frying pan! With a five minute prep time, you’ll love your new morning routine.