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Which do you love more – Asian flavours, or the goodness of avocado? Don’t be silly, there’s nothing stopping you enjoying them both! A vinaigrette and marinade in one, this avocado oil is jacked up to the flavour max with the distinct flavours of sesame and ginger, bringing alive your next keto meal. Can we get a hell yeaaah?

  • Goodness of avocado oil
  • Free from soy and canola
  • Free from dairy

Asian style sauces and marinades are so often laden in sugar, salt, and not much else… Which is why we are extra excited about this offering from Primal Kitchen! Doubling as both a vinaigrette and a marinade, you can spread the love across a variety of meals.

Whether it’s dressing a Vietnamese salad, or rubbing it into a tender piece of salmon, you can create delicious meals rich in delicious healthy fats without worrying about crazy levels of sugar and salt!


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