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Is there anything to polish off a good BBQ like a love-filled relish? This big batch Roast Capsicum & Chilli relish by Keto Kitchen Corner is absolutely the bees knees! Low in sugar, low calorie, and made with more home-grown love than you could poke a stick at, add it to your next steak or burger patties and smile.

Relish needn’t fall into the naughty category anymore, thanks to this low carb, low sugar option from the Keto Kitchen Corner! in a delectable Roast Capsicum and Chilli flavour, this big batch bad boy is made with their very own, home-grown chillies!

Sweetened naturally with stevia and erythritol rather than sugar, it’s low calorie, low carbs, and the perfect addition to not just your meats, but to your overall keto lifestyle! Enjoy with cheese and low carb crackers, or wherever you could go for a little sweetness, and a little spice!

Prepare for a dreamy combo when you pair this with your next bun-less keto burger. Add to your next sausage sizzle, atop your roast veggie salad with some goats curd, or enjoy in cheese toasties for those Sunday mornings on cheat day when there is no other option! There really are no limits to how you can incorporate this relish into your keto low carb lifestyle!


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