Organic Konjac Fettuccini - Zero Slim & Health Noodles

Dairy free, carb free, fat free, high in dietary fibre, and the perfect substitute to pasta when you still want that big, satisfying bowl of goodness. Organic konjac fettuccine is here to keep you twirling that pasta around your fork.

Pasta is high in carbs, zoodles are high in effort. Sometimes, you just want your meals to be easy, and guilty-free. Konjac fettucini only needs draining and heating (as simple as pouring some boiling water over the top) and it is ready to go for your favourite meal!

What is konjac?

Made from the konjac root and SUPER low carb and in energy, konjac noodles have a long history of use in Japan (known as shirataki noodles) and are a fantastic alternative to noodles or pasta when you have that undeniable need to smash carbs. It’s main nutritional property is dietary fibre, so it will have you feeling delightfully full! Did we mention it’s dairy free.

Serving Suggestion

In place of pasta in any form you choose! Think throwing a large spoon of lamb ragu on top, making your favourite tuna pasta, bolognese with plenty of parmesan, smoked salmon, spinach and dill… the choices are endless. Get creative with this versatile product!

Ingredients: Purified water, certified organic konjac fibre (from konjac root), food grade calcium hydroxide.


Product Description