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Oh how we love clever products! This coconut milk powder from NiuLife is vegan, keto and delightfully loaded with healthy fats to support ketosis! Free from preservatives and simply dissolvable in hot water, it’s a great addition to your shake, coffee, baking mix or even water… use it how you choose it! 

  • Dairy, Grain & GMO free
  • High in fat
  • Vegan
  • Paleo and organic

Niulife’s organic coconut milk powder has oh-so many uses! This creamy powder made from organic coconuts is a fantastic dairy-free thickener for your shakes, coffee, curry or next baking creation. Simply dissolve in hot water and you have a fabulously creamy, low carb, keto solution that’s as adventurous as you are!

Use it to make everything from a light coconut milk to a thick coconut cream - it has the capacity for each end of the spectrum, so get creative, the coconut is your oyster, so to speak!


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