Melrose MCT Coconut Oil

Designed to accelerate your fat burning and mental function, a spoon of MCT oil a day will bring ketosis into play! Free from palm oil, and made from 100% medium chain triglycerides from coconut oil, farmed sustainably in the Philippines, kick your mornings into gear!

This coconut based MCT (medium chain triglycerides) oil naturally converts in the liver to ketones, and helps the body to create energy from fats. MCT oil allows the body to be properly fuelled for physical activity, and the brain for mental performance.

What is MCT oil and what does it do?

It is pure coconut oil, and the particular (MCT) fats derived from it are accepted easily by the body. When they reach the liver, they convert to ketones, chemicals made in your liver which force your body to burn fat for energy rather than sugar, eg. ketosis, the fat burning state that everyone loves to talk about!

You can also think of MCT oil as a bit of a mental lubricant, as it works to sharpen the mind. It’s also great for physical performance, as fats are a slower release of energy than a carb hit. Think of it as your endurance bestie!

Where to buy MCT oil in Australia

From onketo online, of course! While you’re here, explore our other keto friendly products designed to slot easily into your lifestyle, and help you achieve your goals. 

How to use MCT oil

Take it simply on a spoon in the morning, or mix it into your smoothies, into your dressings, shakes, or wherever you see fit!

Flavour  Ingredients
100% MCT oil - medium chain triglycerides from coconut oil C8 (60%) and C10 (40%).
Pro Rapid
100% medium chain triglycerides from coconut oil C6 (4%), C8 (75%) and C10 (21%).
Pro Plus

100% medium chain triglycerides from coconut oil C8(40%), C10(30%) and C12(30%).

$14.95 – $44.95

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