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Sometimes, you just don’t have the time nor the desire to zoodle 10 zucchinis. Enter: Your new best friend, Konjac noodles. Konjac brings you one step closer to satisfying the cravings of your favourite high carb pasta or noodles - but you can eat the entire packet (recommended as 2.5 servings per pack) for just 20 calories, and around 1g of carbs. That’s 5cal per recommended serve - and no, we’re not kidding.Long in use in Japan (where they are known as Shirataki noodles), in addition to being low carb, low calorie and low sugar, konjac is also a healthy source of fibre, and quick and easy to prepare.

How to cook shirataki noodles

Coming in a liquid to keep them hydrated and for ease of use, simply tip the packet into a strainer and run water over the noodles until adequately rinsed. Next, tip into a bowl and pour boiling water over the noodles to heat them up. Easy done!

Konjac noodles recipe ideas

Make an easy Vietnamese noodle bowl by substituting your rice noodles for konjac! Use as pasta for your favourite rags sauce, or create a salmon, avocado, noodle salad with spring onion and sesame dressing. Your imagination is the limit!

Konjac noodles side effects

As they are not nutritionally dense, konjac noodles are a great way to satisfy those carb cravings, but should not be used as a regular substitute for nutritionally dense vegetables, rather, to bulk out your meals - mix those veggies in there!

Where can I buy Konjac noodles?

From Onketo of course! Australia’s answer to all your favourite keto and low carb products, in one place, delivered to you.


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fabulous noodles

i really enjoyed these konjak noodles. they took on the pasta sauce taste and they felt better in my tummy than regular pasta. love them.

Hi Monika,

Thank you so much for taking your time to leave a review!
We also love konjac noodles, try them out with asian style soups or hotpots.
They're super versatile with low carbs and low calories which makes it great for the keto diet.
Look forward to you ordering with us again!

Nubar Ghazarian
Konjac is King

These noodles are amazing ! So easy to prepare. I served it with my bolognese mince topping with a dash of parmesan & fresh parsley ... perfecto !!

Hi Nubar!

We're so glad you liked the Konjac noodles.
They're really versatile and our favourite recipes include adding it to Korean or Chinese style hotpot as a substitute to traditional noodles.
Thank you for your review!

Love Onketo