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Slendier Organic Fettuccine is made from a vegetable called Konjac which has been consumed in Asian countries for centuries. Foods made from Konjac are a good source of fibre, low in calories & low in carbohydrates. Slendier Organic Fettuccine is a quick, convenient and lighter option to regular pasta or noodles. It is a simple swap that provides a delicious low calorie option for you and your family to enjoy. Now that’s the keto dream.

This amazing product from Slendier should end any unhappy feelings you have about a low carb life – because suddenly, you can eat pasta again! Made from the konjac root, and free from wheat, this pasta is so low calorie you’ll probably add more calories from your green veg! With practically no carbs, vegan, and fantastically free of gluten, Slendier Konjac products serve up a little fibre, all the fun of pasta, and the perfect base to whatever topping you’re cooking tonight!

Everyone loves fettuccine! Enjoy this wonderful konjac root pasta with your favourite Napoli sauce, puttanesca, or any chunky style pasta – it can take it. There are so many ways to enjoy Slendier Fettuccine – your imagination is the only limit! If that’s not your strong suit, there’s always google…

To cook, all that’s required is to tip the pasta into a sieve, drain the excess water, and rinse well. If you’d like a cold pasta salad style dish, leave it there, but for a warm pasta dish, simply run heated water over the top, or add the pasta straight into the pan!


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