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Jam needn’t be on the naughty list any longer thanks to Keto Kitchen Corner! Enjoy this delectable strawberry and chia seed jam on all of the things. Sweetened naturally with strawberry goodness, and natural Erythritol and Stevia, your sugar levels needn’t jump through the roof with this keto and low carb jam alternative.

Oh jam, the stuff of childhoods and country fairs! Sticky and sweet, and generally oh-so-naughty, this new addition to the keto fam is delightfully guilt-free! Utilising the natural sweetness of strawberries, and natural sweeteners stevia and erythritol, this strawberry and chia seed jam is low in sugar, fat, and calories, so you can add it wherever you like, and keep up that keto low carb lifestyle!

Plus, with those chia seeds, you’re getting a sneaky dose of ever-helpful Omega 3 fatty acids and fibre to boot. Swirl strawberry chia into greek yogurt and top with activated seeds for a sweet and satisfying breakfast, or get your peanut butter jelly on. How about adding it to your shake for a fruity fruity hit?


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