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Oh, what is life without jam? Generally pumping with sugar, Tasmanian-based Hawthorne Hill Farm has produced an alternative for diabetics and the generally health-conscious that means we don’t have to miss out on this natural joy of joys! With around 4g of carbohydrates per serve (largely fruit derived), and less than 1g sugar.

Generally dodged by the health conscious for it’s naturally sugar content, Hawthorne Hill Farm have come up with a solution from below Bass Strait to keep our jam cravings at bay! Add this jam to your toast, your yogurt, your muffins, or whatever you can come up with… you’re limited only by your imagination!

Sugar free is hard to come by in the jam category, but Hawthorne Hill has managed to create 13 fruity flavours in a low carb jam that is perfect for preventing insulin spikes - the dream keto jam! With flavours from your el classico strawberry to fig, rhubarb and apple, all sweetened with natural xylitol, breakfast doesn’t need to miss out on the most jammy of goodness.

$11.95 – $12.50

Lemon SpreadLemon Spread
Mixed BerryMixed Berry
Lemon Lime MarmaladeLemon Lime Marmalade
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