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If you’ve always erred in the favour of sauce for a little extra sweetness, guilt no more! Undivided Food Co. brings you sugar-free Good Sauce - all the flavour without the sugar. Enjoy a balanced low carb sauce flavour perfect for your steaks, burgers and snags for the next Saturday barbecue - the boys won’t know the difference. The possibilities really are endless. 

  • NO refined sugar, artificial sweeteners or erythritol
  • NO artificial flavours or additives
  • NO gluten
  • NO evil nasties

Undivided Food Co. are working to bring you all of your favourite foods sans the hidden sugar, and their  sugar free Good Sauce is the dream boat keto sauce you never knew you were missing! Isn’t science cool? Made with organic tomatoes and quality white vinegar, while deriving its sweetness from Monk Fruit Juice concentrate (secret ingredient we never knew we would become indebted to but here we are).

Isn’t ketchup just tomato sauce?

Yeah but nah. If we’re going to split hairs, the supermarket shelf stuff can be pretty similar, but at their core, ketchup hails from the US, and is traditionally made with tomatoes, sugar, and vinegar as the key ingredients. Tomato sauce on the other hand is a little more reminiscent of your nonna - think tomatoes, oil, stock and spices.


Tomato KetchupTomato Ketchup
Sweet ChilliSweet Chilli
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Ian Leckie
Pleasant to find a keto product close to the orginal

It's not Heinz Ketchup - my go-to in a previous eating career, but pretty close. The manufacturer could sharpen the puree blender blades abit.

Hi Ian,

Glad you found a proper replacement! We hope to see you order with us again!

Love Onketo