Bone Broth T-Bags - BROTH me!

Good god, bone broth in a T-bag? Why has no one thought of this before!? We’re stumped. All the goodness of bone broth now comes in convenient T-bags, thanks to Broth Me. The perfect between meals booster, enjoy a mineral hit on the run or on the dunk in the old trusty mug! 

  • Ethically raised
  • Rich in minerals
  • Made in Tasmania
  • Low FODMAP

Getting around that low carb lifestyle is made all the easier with tasty and nutritious pick-me-ups like Broth me! This delicious and nutritious bone broth mix is made in Tasmania from free range pigs, chickens and cows. Bone broth is low carb, gluten free, low FODMAP and free from preservatives, utilising only vegetables, spices and ethically treated animals to create this great product for you!

Get excited about the easy use of this product too, Coming in T-bags, steep your bone broth bag in boiling water as long as possible (for maximum nutrients) and voila!

Whether we can get you excited about a beef with chilli, smoked paprika and turmeric flavour, a bacon flavour, or a naked beefy flavour, or even a chicken with thyme and lemon verbena flavour, there’s one for you!

$12.95 – $13.95

Chicken with Thyme and Lemon VerbenaChicken with Thyme and Lemon Verbena
Beef with Chilli Smoked paprika and turmericBeef with Chilli Smoked paprika and turmeric
Naked BeefNaked Beef
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