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Let’s be honest – who actually eats just a ‘standard serving’ of pasta – ever? This amazing konjac pasta saves the day and allows you to eat the WHOLE packet – with just 12 calories of plant-based energy per serve! Now that’s the keto dream. Supersize your pasta bowl all over again!

This amazing product from Slendier should end any unhappy feelings you have about a low carb life – because suddenly, you can eat pasta again! Made from the konjac root, and free from wheat, this pasta is so low calorie you’ll probably add more calories from your green veg!

With practically no carbs, vegan, and fantastically free of gluten, Slendier Konjac products serve up a little fibre, all the fun of pasta, and the perfect base to whatever topping you’re cooking tonight!

Use this wonderful angel hair pasta to create a chilli prawn pasta, or try a delightful smoked salmon pasta with some capers, pesto and a poached egg to top. Go on, use the whole packet – you deserve it.

To cook, all that’s required is to tip the pasta into a sieve, drain the excess water, and rinse well. If you’d like a cold pasta salad style dish, leave it there, but for a warm pasta dish, simply run heated water over the top, or add the pasta straight into the pan!

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slendier Angel Hair Pasta

It doesn't have much of a taste. Be it does have a wacky smell when you first open it. Just make sure you wash it well.
I will be buying this product again. It is great for us on keto.

Hi Lynda,

Thank you so much for taking your time to leave a review! We really appreciate it as it helps new customers decide which product is right for them.
We always recommending rinsing the konjac noodles/pastas in running water first.
Once cooked in the sauce or soup/broth of choice it will become the perfect carb replacement.
Glad you liked it, we hope to see you order for us again in the future,

Love Onketo.