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Raw Earth Sweetener

All Natural Sweetener Stevia & Monk Fruit – Raw Earth


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A natural sweetener without the bitter aftertaste? Shut the front door! This delicious plant-based sweetener from Raw Earth has 94% less calories than sugar, and is low GI, so enjoy the sweetness without the later energy crash!


40 Sticks Pack
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The power of a little sweetness to transform a meal can be nothing short of incredible! Introducing Raw Earth Natural Sweetener. Completely natural, without that metallic after taste that some sweeteners deliver, this little fella has 94% less calories than sugar. Conveniently fructose free, and low GI, your energy levels won’t plummet after a serving!

Owing its success as a product to the clever natural sweetness combination of erythritol, steviol, and the intriguing monk fruit extract, plant-based sweeteners, you can use this sweetener in your coffee or tea, add to cereal, for baking, or wherever you need a little bit of extra sweetness.

Raw Earth’s sweetener is available in two sizes, so you can leave one at home, and take one handy pack with you in your bag!

About Raw Earth Sweetener
There’s sweeteners, and then there’s sweeteners… Well Raw Earth Sweetener Co. certainly lands in the more interesting, open ended box! Using the natural sweetener stevia, Raw Earth take a different path in their inclusion of Monk fruit, creating a fruitier sweet taste that doesn’t resemble artificial flavour, no siree! Raw Earth are perfect for your favourite drinks, baking recipes, or sprinkling atop wherever you see the need for a sweet hit! This is no ordinary sweetener range.
Erythritol, Steviol & Monk Fruit Extract