Kintra Foods

Born in NSW in the swingin’ sixties, Kintra Foods arrived on the scene to deliver a range of wholesome and functional premium beverages. But what type of beverages you ask? Largely teas, Kintra Foods also make Chai Powders and a Turmeric Range.

With everything from Rooibos and Matcha Green Tea, to Sleepy tea and the less common Formosan tea, Kintra Foods is ethically sourced, and committed to responsible environmental practices and sustainability. What a bunch of legends!

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        Turmeric Golden Blend - Kintra Foods

        We love a good superfood blend, and this delightful make-it-at-home Turmeric Blend allows you to make a perfectly delicious and nutritious Turmeric Latte from the comfort of your very own home!...

        Matcha Green Tea Powder (110g) - Kintra Foods

        Matcha is an antioxidant powerhouse which is rich in vitamins and minerals. You have heard of super foods, and now you can enjoy a super tea, MATCHA. Before harvest, matcha bushes...