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There’s no good reason vegetarians and vegans should miss out on the benefits of a good broth. Mum was right - broth is the answer! Traditionally in use as a home remedy for centuries to warm the soul and bones, increase nutrition and treat all sorts of deficiencies and ailments, quality broth in any form is a hearty, nutrient-dense addition to your diet - one serving of broth actually equates to one serve of vegetables!

Brimming with zinc, calcium and vitamin B12, this vegetable broth by Nutra Organics is Australia’s answer to healthy soup in a cup, increasing energy and supporting both a vegetarian and a keto lifestyle. With more than 16 serves per 100g sachet, and three delicious flavours to choose from, enjoy this veggie-filled stock by the cupful.

What is vegetable broth?

Essentially, the quality ingredients you can see below are dehydrated to create a well balanced, tasty veggie mix. When they are rehydrated with boiling water, all their wonderful, nutritional ingredients are unlocked, and together battle fatigue and support immune function. Bonza!

How do I use Nutra Organics vegetable broth?

Add two teaspoons to boiling water for a simple warming boost of goodness. Similar to their other broths, Nutra Organics Vegetable broth functions as a fantastic flavour and nutritional base for your favourite soups, slow-cooker meals and sauces - we love to make our zucchini basil soup with a cup of Garden Veggie flavour broth, or a mushroom soup with a cup of the extra shroomy Mushroom Veggie broth. Nom.


Garden VeggieGarden Veggie
Low Fodmap VeggieLow Fodmap Veggie
Mushroom VeggieMushroom Veggie
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