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If you’re looking for a sweet and guilt-free after dinner warmer, this sugar free drinking chocolate thanks to Paleo Pure might present the perfect answer to making you happy without the sugar spike. Made from two naturally sourced ingredients, it’s a bit of a keto-friendly natural wonder.

One of the scariest things about going keto is thinking that you’re going to miss out on all those decadent treats that you used to love so much… But news flash! CACAO IS GOOD FOR YOU. Introducing Paleo Pure’s Drinking Chocolate. Organic, Raw & Decadent, it’s totes magotes vegan friendly.

Who what why? Glad you asked! Using only two key ingredients, Organic Raw Cacao Powder, & Xylitol from Birch. This creates a totally mood transforming, antioxidant loaded drinking choccy that is free from those sugar insulin spikes – because it’s totally sugar free! Drink it hot or cold with your favourite milk (be it coconut, almond, cows or whatnot) or add it to your shakes for a nutrient-rich flavour hit. All about it.

Why cacao? Cacao is a wonderful, less processed form of the cacao bean, offering a rich chocolate flavour, while loaded with a healthy dose of antioxidants (read: more than blueberries). Plus it also serves you up more calcium per serve than cow’s milk! That, and it’s the highest plant based source of iron. Okay Paleo Pure, we get it – you’re onto a good thing.

Why Xylitol? Sounds scary, but isn’t. A totally plant-derived sweetener coming from the humble birch tree, this natural wonder delivers a super sweet taste, yet without affecting blood sugar levels, and with 40% less calories! It’s also good for your teeth. Weirdly magical, hey? And a dream for keto lifestyle products!


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