Ready Meal Vegetable Fettuccine - Slendier

Just when you think these guys have done all they can do, they come out with ready meals. We are so excited about these fantastic fettuccines! Utilising their infamous konjac noodles and pairing with three delicious sauce options, these are the next level of low carb meals on the run. Just drain, mix and microwave. 

  • Less than 5g Carbs
  • Less than 60 Calories
  • Ready in minutes
  • Gluten free

Oh Slendier, you can do no wrong! We are totally nuts for this new ready meal option from our favourite low carb pasta buddies. Combining their clever and delicious konjac noodles with three variations of sauce, they’ve created meals ready in minutes that won’t break the carb bank… nor the regular bank!

To prepare, simply drain your konjac noodles as usual, mix in the sauce, and microwave - it’s that easy! With less than 60 calories per serve, and barely 3g of carbs, you can have this on the run, as a side with your dinner, or as a guilt-free supper - it’s totally up to you! Make the most of their ingenuity and maintain your low carb, keto lifestyle with ease thanks to Slendier.

Available in Arrabiata, organic Italian basil, and organic italian capers and olives (eg. puttanesca) flavours.


Organic Italian Capers and Olives SauceOrganic Italian Capers and Olives Sauce
Italian Basil SauceItalian Basil Sauce
Arrabbiata SauceArrabbiata Sauce
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