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Enjoy an everyday version of your favourite pork scratchings with Huff & Puff Pork Crackles, in convenient 25g snack packs. With over 11g of protein and 10g of fat per serve, Huff & Puff are delivering the perfect Keto fat-packed treat that’s low in carbs, and high in crunch.

Imagine a world where you can eat your favourite pork crackling every day… Well Huff & Puff have made it happen! By drying out pork skins, enjoy a golden, crunchy pork crackle version of your favourite Sunday roast. Pork crackle, pork Krackles, pork scratchings… whatever you want to call them. Enjoy the rich taste of a porky roast on the everyday with a 25g snack pack that packs a punch, with 9.8g of fat, 11.6g of protein and a meagre 2.3g of carbs per serve.

Are pork rinds healthy?

Huff & Puff pork crackle are a high protein snack that if you are on the keto diet, will boost your fat macros when in need. With less than 2.2g of the fats as saturated fats, the larger proportion are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, both beneficial in lowering cholesterol and reducing risk of heart diseases.

What are pork rinds?

Essentially, pork rinds are the skin of a pig, cooked in the fat of the pig. They can be prepared in a number of ways; think of the way pork crackling naturally cooks on a pig on the rotisserie. In this instance, Huff & Puff Pork Crackles are a crunchier, dry version of pork rinds, which makes them able to last longer than the length of a sunday roast! Think of them like a higher fat alternative to jerky.

What is the difference between pork rinds and pork cracklings?

Pork rinds are made from just the skin of the hog. Cracklins are the skin with the layer of fat beneath.

Where can I buy pork rinds in Australia?

From OnKeto, your Australian keto store of course! We bring these to you as a part of our curated collection of high quality, low carb, keto friendly products!

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