Pete Evans Sauces 330g

When you’re short on time, isn’t it fabulous to find a convenient food that you can store in the pantry that is in fact Healthy and Natural? Thanks Pete Evans! Pete’s range of simmer sauces are designed to get you mixing real ingredients in the kitchen again - simply chop your veg and protein, throw your simmer on top, and you’re good to go! 

  • No Seed Oils
  • No Added Sugar
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Low Allergen

Pete has gone and done it again! Creating a range that defies all the products on the supermarket shelves, Pete has created sauces that are made from all natural ingredients - and with love in Australia. Free from gluten, dairy, and as many baddies as he can (varies product to product) these five simmer and mix through sauces are designed to be a return to real food, for those times when you don’t have half a second to DIY.

With a Jamaican and a Moroccan simmer sauce, a Thai Green Curry, Butter Chicken, and a Bolognaise, there’s one for every weekday.

Enjoy real food again - and that charming Cheshire cat grin on your kitchen bench!

$5.99 – $7.99

Jamaican SimmerJamaican Simmer
Butter ChickenButter Chicken
Thai Green CurryThai Green Curry
Moroccan SimmerMoroccan Simmer
$7.99 $5.99
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