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When it’s cold outside and you want the goodness of cereal or muesli, but in a warm version, Ceres Organics is here to save the morning! Introducing their high fat, low carb and low sugar hot cereal. Free from grains and offering a good dose of morning protein alongside vitamin E and antioxidants, it’s a keto cereal winner! 

  • 20g fat per serving
  • Just 4.2g of carbs and 2.1g of sugar per serving
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Grain free!

There’s nothing quite like cereal in the morning - but what if you want something a little more warming, and a little lighter on the carbs? Introducing Ceres Organics Paleo and Grain free hot cereal! Loaded with protein, yet low in sugar and carbohydrates, finally there’s a cereal solution to the keto, low carb lifestyle that makes an easy substitute for oats!

Ceres Organics have really gone above and beyond to ensure there’s a rainbow of high quality ingredients in their hot cereal to make the start to your morning the most nutritious and nourishing it can be!

To prepare a serve, simply add 1/3 a cup of the cereal to 1/2 cup liquid (your milk of choice, or water) and simmer for 5-7 minutes, sticking around to stir regularly. Sweeten as you like and top with your favourite ingredients!


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