Organic Konjac Rice - Zero Slim & Healthy Noodles

Ah, konjac, the saviour of anyone new to low-carb life. Konjac products are the perfect substitutes for your favourite pasta, rice or noodle dish, so you can keep your meals the same, but drastically reduce your carb intake!

While on the whole we are raised to believe rice is a healthy food, the fact remains that it is super high in carbohydrates, and therefore not ideal for those seeking those shreds through the keto lifestyle!

Konjac was born to destroy the cravings of your favourite fried rice, or rice accompaniment to a curry. You can eat the entire packet (recommended as 2.5 servings per pack) for just 20 calories, and around 1g of carbs, plus, thanks to a generous dose of dietary fibre, you’ll be feeling fuller for longer. Wohoo!

Where can I buy Konjac noodles?

From Onketo of course! Australia’s answer to all your favourite keto products, in one place, delivered to you.

What is konjac?

Made from the konjac root and SUPER low carb and in energy, konjac noodles have a long history of use in Japan (known as shirataki noodles) and are a fantastic alternative to noodles or pasta when you have that undeniable need to smash carbs. It’s main nutritional property is dietary fibre, so it will have you feeling delightfully full!

Konjac rice recipe ideas

Make your favourite fried rice dish with Konjac rice! Simply prepare the mix-ins, heat the noodles separately, and fry together at a high heat at the last minute. Konjac rice will also replace regular rice on the side of your curry, Asian feast, mexican bowl, or whatever you can dream up!

Side effects

As it is not nutritionally dense, konjac rice is a great way to satisfy those carb cravings, but should not be used as a regular substitute for nutritionally dense vegetables, rather, to bulk out your meals - mix those veggies in there!

Ingredients: Purified Water, Certified Organic Konjac Fibre, Food Grade Calcium Hydroxide.


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