Organic Konjac Lasagna Sheet - Zero Slim & Healthy

We don’t care if Nonna approves - this is the answer to all of our Italiano carb-free dreams! With Konjac lasagna sheets, you now have the power to create a hearty lasagna at home with next to no carbs. It really does sound too good to be true!

Ahh, lasagna, the heartiest of Italian feeds - but also one of the highest in energy. Introducing organic konjac lasagna sheets - the perfect way to hold your lasagna together without high carbohydrate pasta! It might sound too good to be true, but for once, it isn’t - Get the gang together, make some fresh tomato sauce, pick your fresh basil, stir up some bechamel, and get around this super low carb option for your next Sunday Italiano bake. 

What is konjac?

Made from the konjac root and SUPER low carb and in energy, konjac noodles have a long history of use in Japan (known as shirataki noodles) and are a fantastic alternative to noodles or pasta when you have that undeniable need to smash carbs. It’s main nutritional property is dietary fibre, so it will have you feeling delightfully full!

Where can I buy Konjac noodles?

From Onketo of course! Australia’s answer to all your favourite keto products, in one place, delivered to you.

IngredientsPurified water, certified organic konjac fibre (from konjac root), food grade calcium hydroxide.

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