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It’s butter, but not as you know it! Made entirely from Certified Organic Raw Cacao Butter, this versatile product can be consumed, as well as used on the body! A key ingredient in creating chocolate from home, you can lather up your body in luxurious moisture while you create delicious, keto sweet treats in the kitchen! 

  • Cold pressed to preserve precious nutrients while extracting oil
  • Can be used on the body to moisturise
  • Great basis for so many desserts
  • Also known as Theobroma oil

Introducing The Wholefood 's Pantry Organic Cacao Butter. Priding themselves on creating a pure product, this Cacao butter has no sugar or salt in its pretty little bag, and offers a great source of healthy saturated fats, just perfect to slide into that keto macro count!

What is the cacao bean? Only the most vital ingredient to make chocolate, of course! Use this cacao butter to make bliss balls, cakes, chocolate, and so much more! This butter melts at 35 degrees, making it extra fluid, and melt in your mouth smooth.

It can also be used on the BODY. Yep, you heard right. Use as a body butter, or to help with the healing of scars, stretch marks, on sunburn, or to shield sore and chapped lips. What an all-rounder pantry inclusion!

The Wholefood Pantry team cold press their cacao beans to deliver maximum oily nutrients. No chemical refining or bleaching is used in the process of creating their butter, nor anything added – it’s 100% raw, vegan and dairy free.


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