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It’s hard to pass up peanut butter when it comes in its most natural and delicious form! 99th Monkey claim to be the best peanut butter in the world - which is kind of a big deal to us keto humans. Made with just Roasted Australian peanuts, and nothing more - will you put them to the test? 

    • No added baddies such as palm oil
    • 100% Australian roasted peanuts, nothing more
    • Rich, creamy and naturally nutty
    • Small batch to retain quality, made in Australia

Peanut butter is one of those staple keto foods that get us through the hard times! So when we heard 99th Monkey were claiming their peanut butter is the best in THE WORLD - we had to put them to the test. Made in small batches in Australia from only the finest roast peanuts they can find, it’s nothing short of delicious!

With less than 1g of carbs per serve, it fits perfectly into the keto low carb lifestyle. Sometimes we just sprinkle a little cinnamon on top, and eat it straight out of the jar! Naughty…

We love to add this one to our breakfast in the morning to add a rich, decadently nutty flavour to our protein shakes. It also makes for a delicious chicken satay sauce! How will you have yours?

Flavour  Ingredients
Just one ingredient: Roasted Australian Peanuts.
Just two ingredients: Roasted Australian Peanuts and Natural Salt.


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