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Everybody loves a little harmless banter! But when it tastes this good, you’ve got to ask… is it good for me? The answer is HECK YES! This low carb, high protein muesli in two delicious flavours is loaded with nutritious nuts, seeds and superfoods to deliver a delectable muesli, perfect for topping your yogurt. 

  • Low carb
  • High in protein
  • Less than 2g natural sugar per serving
  • Available in delicious cinnamon or goji and cacao flavours
It’s hard to know how good mueslis on the supermarket shelf are for your health sometimes… But when you look at the Banting Food Co. packet, and can see every ingredient in its natural form staring back at you, you know it’s got to be healthy!

Banting offer both a ‘cheeky banter’ goji and cacao muesli, and a ‘good banter’ cinnamon muesli!

Both delicious flavours are loaded with healthy almonds and hazelnuts, and a range of superfoods that make your body WORK as well as tasting oh so delicious! Gluten free, and low carb, this is one keto friendly muesli.


Goji And CacaoGoji And Cacao
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