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Giant Sports MCT Oil Powder is perfect for your ketogenic diet or low-carb lifestyle. Giant's MCT powder is made of 100% Pure MCT Oil and Prebiotic Acacia Fiber that helps support healthy digestion. The worst thing about MCT oil is the mess… which makes the best thing about this MCT is its powder form!! Add this powdered MCT into your morning shake, coffee, or even with some water and enjoy the keto effects, with the added bonus of extra fibre! 

  • 80% MCT 20% Fiber
  • Convenient, cleaner, and simpler form of MCT Oil

MCT went from causing waves to becoming a keto staple for anyone looking to reap the benefits of a low carb lifestyle. MCT oil is a fantastic way to start the day, and this is one of the best products on the market. Giant’s MCT oil is 80% pure MCTs and 20% Fibers, so your ketosis boost is going to be the real deal. The updated powder form of this Giant version means there’s no need for paper towel or a saucer under your MCT jar any longer!

The creamy consistency of its origin oil form remains in this powdered version, so you can continue to use MCT in the same way you always have.

If you’re new to MCT… This product can be used to start your day on a high, throughout the day to maintain ketone production, or pre workout to ensure those energy levels stay constant. All you need to do is chuck one scoop in water, or your other favourite bev. It’s truly so functional!


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