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Macadamias barely need to be advertised…. We’re all nuts about them! These small batch, delectably roasty nuts from Nuts About are kept simple to retain their natural wonderfulness. Available in three delicious flavours, so you can pocket a bag and have a delicious variety of nutty snacks on the go!

If you say you’re not nuts about macadamias, we suspect you may be telling a small porky pie… They’re too good not to love! Introducing these pint-sized snacks from Nuts About! Small batch deliciousness, these nuts are made by some nutters that take all of their nuts very seriously.

One of the best naturally high fat and satiating snacks, we heard that when European settlers arrived in Australia, macadamias were just about the only native plant they could get excited about!

From the original salted flavour that is subtly flavoured with coconut oil and himalayan salt, to their Smokey Joe or Rosemary and Garlic flavours, these roasty toasty bar nuts are going to give Nobbys a run for their money!


Garlic and RosemaryGarlic and Rosemary
Smokey JoeSmokey Joe
Black Lava Salt and SeaweedBlack Lava Salt and Seaweed
Stark Raving SpiceStark Raving Spice
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