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Just when you think that your BHB formula couldn’t get any better, KetoLogic boost their KetoEnergy BHB offering with a healthy dose of caffeine! Kill two birds with one stone every morning and begin your days burning fat and feeling sharp as a tack with a dual-action formula designed to make you function at your best. 

  • Improves energy while suppressing appetite
  • Fabulous source of electrolytes
  • Vegan and gluten free!
  • Free from artificial flavours and sweeteners
Look no further for a source of ketones to keep your body at maximum fat burn! Introducing KetoEnergy’s new formula, including caffeine to give you that well-rounded energy burst! Keep your mind sharp while your body continues that fat burn. Loaded with electrolytes, sodium, calcium and magnesium BSB, this super low kj formula is a fantastic way to simmer down those keto flu symptoms, and is a great addition to the low carb, keto lifestyle!


Grape (262g)Grape (262g)
Raspberry Lemonade (255g)Raspberry Lemonade (255g)
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