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Get your keto breakfast sorted with Mad Creations Keto Creamy Porridge Mix!

Mad Creations Keto Creamy Porridge Mix is not only Keto, Oat Free & Gluten Free, it’s super nutritious and a deliciously satisfying way to start your day.

This mix will make 8 serves with only 1.7 carbs per serve and can be made in minutes!

Easy instructions and handy tips are included plus a QR code to view “how to” videos and serving ideas.


-Makes 8 Serves

-1.7g of carbs per serve



-Low Carb

-No Added Sugar


You'll need:

-100ml Keto Milk or your choice of Milk

Optional extras

-30ml Cream

-10ml Sugar Syrup

Mix it up with strawberries or raspberries for a perfect breakfast to kickstart your morning



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