Keto Fat Bomb Bars - Essentially Keto


Product Description

Designed specifically for the Keto diet, these Fat Bomb bars by Essentially Keto are carefully considered to compliment your macros and fit into your keto lifestyle, boosting your fat intake for the day with approx 25g of fat per serving, 3g of protein, and less than 1g of sugar! Boom.

Due to summer temperatures, this product may melt in transit. It still can be used but it may not arrive in original shape. Simply place in fridge when you receive if melted.

Ever find yourself a little behind on your fat intake for the day? Essentially Keto is here to make sure you hit your macros with their Fat Bomb bars! In six scrumptious flavours, each bar packs a whopping 25g of fat, with 3g of protein, and just less than 1g of sugar, Essentially Keto is Australia’s low carb, high fat answer, sourcing it’s fats naturally from organic coconut products and organic black tahini.

Not only will the organically sourced fats keep you fuller for longer, find your concentration improving and your energy levels sustaining as your cravings are satisfied from healthy sources. Flavours include Cacao + Mint, Cacao, caramel + hemp, cacao, coffee + spice, cacao, lemon + coconut, and cacao, raspberry and macadamia! Nom.

Enjoy morning, afternoon or night - whenever you’re feeling a little flat or behind the proverbial 8 ball.