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Thanks to Undivided Food Co., we can now enjoy a delicious aioli that is free from cheap and nasty vegetables! Highlighting the goodness of high quality Spanish olive oil, Australian garlic and eggs, you’ll love this condiment is almost zero carbs and protein – and pure delicious wholesome keto fats! 

  • No sugar, gluten or dairy
  • No preservatives, additives, or artificial colours
  • No el cheapo el bulko veggie oils
  • Super keto friendly
It’s a real claim to fame, this one. Introducing Australia’s first Aioli made without industrial seed oils, opting instead for the goodness of olive oil. With less than a gram of protein or carbs per serve, you can take this as a perfect source of keto-friendly fats when you need that extra boost, or to feel a little extra full!

Just like their yummy mayo offering, but with a delicious boost of Australian garlic, you’ll love the goodness of free range eggs and no baddies.

We don’t need to help you find ways to use aioli – well okay, if we have to. Enjoy as a DIP for CHIPS, pair with your favourite fish, juice up a sandwich, or eat it out of the jar when no one’s looking! I would.


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