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Many find when beginning the keto lifestyle that they feel unbalanced, or even flu-ey. This is because of the overhaul of the way your body uses fuel messing with your natural balance, particularly sodium levels. Enter: Electrolyte supplements! Incorporate these mineral-filled sachets into your workouts, not just your Sundays, for speedy hydration and recovery when you’ve worked (or danced) your hardest! Available in six fruity flavours - one for every consumption occasion.

While you might love how you feel on keto sometimes, other times those energy levels are completely depleted - especially if you’ve had a few cheat days and are working your way back into it! Replenish those electrolyte stores, or pre-emptively replenish with a good healthy dose of electrolytes via Ultima. A totally vegan supplement, these convenient sachets can be popped into your morning water to prepare you for the day, for hydration through your workout, or fit into your bag for electrolyte replenishment throughout your working day!

Vegan, free from sugar, carbs and calories, it’s the perfect keto revival when you’re feeling a little low. Packed with vitamins and minerals, and sweetened with natural Stevia, you’re in great hands with Ultima! You might associate electrolyte supplements with hangovers and gastro… but we swear they’re for regular life too!

Why are electrolytes important on keto?

When you’re in ketosis, you are essentially teaching your body not to retain water. Because of this, as much as you focus on your macronutrients, your natural balance has been compromised. Sodium, potassium and magnesium are particularly affected, so the need for supplements can arise to prevent flu-like symptoms, or ‘the keto flu’. 

How much electrolytes do I need on keto?

It’s debatable - but somewhere in the range of 2000-5000mg of sodium, up to 5000mg of potassium, and up to 400mg of magnesium per day.


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