Crunchy Cheese pop

Find a new way to enjoy cheese! Made from cheese and nothing else, this is a fantastic crunchy keto snack to enjoy through the day when you need to up your fat macros and eat something that’s super tasty. Choose your Cheese: Will it be Gouda, or Emmental today?

Cheese POPs are a whole new way to incorporate cheese into your diet, and honestly, who doesn’t want an excuse to eat more cheese? Proudly free of additives, and without the need to store in the fridge like your usual favourites, these dried ‘cheese puffs’ are made from one star ingredient: Cheese glorious cheese and nothing else! Therefore, just like regular cheese, Cheese POPS are keto and absolutely delish.

Ready to enjoy in two varietals - mild Dutch-style gouda, or Swiss style yellow emmental, you’ll enjoy these flavours in a whole new, crunchy way!

Throw a couple on top of your salad or veggie soup for some carb-free cheese croutons, add to your next cheese plate as a nibble for a point of difference, or chuck a pack in your gym bag for a snack on the run.

$3.95 – $4.95

Gouda CheeseGouda Cheese
Emmental CheeseEmmental Cheese
Cheddar CheeseCheddar Cheese
$4.95 $3.95
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