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What’s better than keto brownie bites? Brownie bites in different flavours that keep you guessing! Locako’s range of collagen, low carb gluten free bits now includes two new flavours… Salted almond butter, and Peppermint Macadamia! Now that’s what we talkin ‘bout. Mhmmmm. 

  • Added Grass Fed Collagen
  • Free from gluten, dairy and soy
  • Loaded with natural sources of fat
  • Two delicious flavours!

There’s nothing worse than getting to snack time, and panicking because you are not prepared… FAIL TO PREPARE = PREPARE TO FAIL! Luckily, Locako Collagen brownies offer a perfectly portioned snack attack loaded with healthy fats that you can stash in your bag, pocket, car, shower – wherever you need a snack! We won’t judge.

With everything you’d expect from a keto snack – low carb, low sugar, high fat, plus gluten, dairy, and soy free, they’re the snack attack that’s friendly to all – well, most. Plus they’re delicious!

Available in two scrumptious flavours – Salted almond butter, and Peppermint Macadamia – there’s a flavour for each of your moods.


Peppermint MacadamiaPeppermint Macadamia
Salted Almond ButterSalted Almond Butter
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