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Packing over 12g of fat and 4g of protein per serving, with only 1.6g carbs and 0.5g of sugar, you’re practically laughing – except it isn’t funny – this is real life. 180 CAKES is a chocolate fudgey godsend for keto Australians!! Bake on a Sunday to fill the house with warm fuzzies, and have enough for smacking three-thirty-itis in the face all the working week.

It is important to us that we are able to eat brownies whilst remaining keto - and with 180 CAKES brownie mix we can prepare a batch whenever hunger strikes! YASSSS.

This is exciting stuff. Now you can make low carb keto brownies AT HOME. All you need is brownie mix, eggs and coconut oil (recipe can be modified for dietaries, just read the label) to make your dreams come true - no more supermarket runs because you’re out of sugar, or flour, or whatever superseded ingredient you no longer need - just three ingredients to make you the keto Nigella Lawson of your very own kitchen - saucy!

Choose from a vegan or dairy inclusive method dependent on your personal requirements.


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Astrid G
Delicious but more cake like than expected

This was delicious but less sticky fudge and more sponge cake fudge.

Still delicious!

Will buy again!

Hi Astrid!

Thank you so much for the feedback, I'll definately pass on your message to the manufacturer.
Potentially we can try adding less liquids to the bake mix to make it more dense?
Regardless we're glad you enjoyed it!

Love Onketo