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Popular for a reason, bone broth is no news breaking story. Traditionally used for centuries to increase health and wellness and treat all sorts of deficiencies and ailments, bone broth is a hearty, nutrient-dense addition to your diet. Available in smaller sachets and value packs, as well as four cracking flavours.

It’s all about the vitamins and minerals, baby. While low carb and overall low in calories, chicken broth packs a punch when it comes to delivering B vitamins, potassium and zinc, making it the perfect immunity booster when you’re a little under the weather. We love to support quality products owned by Australians and made in Australia! Available in four unique flavours.

What is chicken broth?

Nutra Organics make their chicken bone broth simply by adding chicken bones to filtered water and apple cider vinegar, before slow cooking the combo for twelve hours. Next it’s fat is skimmed off the top, it’s strained, then gently dried into a powder, so that you can add it to boiling water simply to unlock the goodness!

Incorporating Nutra Organics chicken broth into your diet

The perfect base for your next hearty chicken soup, chicken broth can be enjoyed solo (just add a small tbs to boiling water), or as a fabulous base for stews, gravies, slow-cooked meals in the oven. For a great, brothy noodle soup, Nutra Organics recommend bringing the broth to the boil in a pan, and adding your favourite protein, veggies and noodles for a well-rounded meal. Yum!


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