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There’s literally nothing on this earth that substitutes bread when you are craving…bread. Luckily, Banting Food Co. are now making paleo, keto-friendly bread that you can bake at home! High in protein, and free from gluten, this is the guilt-free bread mix you’ve been looking for. Thank your lucky stars! 

  • Just 1g of carbs and less than 1g of sugar per serve
  • High in protein
  • Loaded with nuts and seeds
  • Simple to prepare

Bread is fundamental. Bread is life – one of those things that you crave, that rounds out a meal – that makes you happy! Banting Food Co. are bringing you all that bready goodness without the bloat or the guilt. Their gluten and grain free, vegan, low carb recipe ticks all the paleo boxes, and delivers a delicious bread that you can bake at home!

It’s so simple to prepare! All you need to add is coconut or another oil and water, and then bake. You’ll be enjoying smashed avo toast in the morning again in no time…

Each packet makes one 500g loaf, so bake it up, and try and stop yourself from eating the entire thing! (Life hack: Slice and freeze individual portions)


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