Bone Broth Concentrate - Gevity Rx (Meadow & Marrow)

Time poor keto lovers seeking maximum nutrition with minimum time-wasting look no further – this bone broth from Meadow & Marrow is one of the best bone broth products on the market, and the simplest way to improve your gut health without overhauling your entire diet! Packed with amino acids, available in 6 flavours.

Bone broth comes in all shapes and sizes – but are they all created equal? It’s a clear no after you get to know the range from Meadow & Marrow! The importance of gut health is becoming a hot topic, and this is the kind of product that enables you to boost your gut health in the simplest way.

Packed with amino acids, Use as a keto alternative to stocks as a base for your meals to pump up your amino acid intake! With five additional flavours for when you just don’t have time, there’s a broth to add sustenance to every meal – sweet or savoury!

Free from carbohydrates, but delivering a good dose of fat and protein relative to its serving sizes, Meadow & Marrow are the authority when it comes to bone broth.

$18.00 – $36.95

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