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FINALLY there’s a low carb and keto biscuit that tastes good and comes in a mix ready for you to whip up and nibble on in a flash. With over 18g of fat and 5g of protein per two biscuits, and only 1g of sugar or carbs, you’ll be laughing all the way to nonna’s house.

Nannas, grans, omas, and yiayias have been enforcing it on us for generations - what’s a good cuppa without a good biscuit? Oh, they’re always right. Now, luckily, we have a keto option that will have you keeping those traditions alive!

180 CAKES biscuit mix will have you doing Nanna proud as you master your own sugar free biscuits without the dramatic process of purchasing all the individual ingredients - the mix is good to go and prepared with your nutrition and mind!

Packing over 18g of fat per two biscuits, with 5g of protein, and just 1g of carbs and sugar, it almost feels too good to be true. Try both vanilla and chocolate chip flavours!

With one egg and a little cooking oil the only kitchen prerequisites, all you have to do is pre-heat the oven, and get on the old dog and bone to invite the mums around for afternoon tea! When they walk in to the smell of fresh-baked biscuits they’ll be nothing but proud, despite a possible lifetime of misdemeanours…

Ingredients: Almond meal, xylitol (plant extract), baking soda, baking powder, organic vanilla bean (1%).


Vanilla Almond Biscuit MixVanilla Almond Biscuit Mix
Chocolate Chip Biscuit MixChocolate Chip Biscuit Mix
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