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It might be all of the rage with health nuts, in health stores and in cafes across Australia - but bone broth is no news breaking story. Traditionally used for centuries to increase nutrition and treat all sorts of deficiencies and ailments, bone broth is a hearty, nutrient-dense addition to your diet - and now Nutra Organics brings you a hearty broth in three tasty flavours.

What is beef broth?

In the case of Nutra Organics, made by adding roasted beef bones to filtered water and apple cider vinegar, the mix is slow-cooked for 48 hours, strained and skimmed of fat. Next, it is dried into a powder in the gentlest way possible in order to maximise its nutritional value. Beef broth is a great source of protein and vitamin B12, as well as amino acids. It is a great way to recharge your body and mind with some low carb, protein-derived energy. 

Is beef broth the same as beef stock?

It’s not. Stock normally has a richer flavour, and is made more from the bones, while broth incorporates more of the meat on the bones, increasing it’s nutritional profile. We do however recommend the use of Nutra Organics Beef Bone Broth in place of stock, as it will offer more nutrition while doing essentially the same job. It’s a very handy, nutritious tool for your pantry!

Incorporating Nutra Organics beef broth into your diet

Equally as beneficial as a snack, or made into a meal! For a nutritional warmer between meals, add a tablespoon to boiling water. Great as a nutritionally dense substitute for beef stock, use it in the same manner to create gravies, soups, sauces or curries!


Hearty OriginalHearty Original
Herb and GarlicHerb and Garlic
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