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Say what now! Our favourite carb-faker friends from Slendier now bring you a fabulous BEAN fettuccine, so rather than just removing the carbs, this time they are replacing them with a good dose of protein! Now that’s a clever pasta we can get around. Available in black bean and edamame variations.

The perfect pasta addition to your low carb lifestyle is finally here! We know beans are great at keeping us full, but it feels a little weird to load up a bowl of beans with our favourite pasta sauce! Well no longer, thanks to Slendier’s latest invention!

Available in edamame and black bean variations, these legends are utilising the goodness of beans to create a pasta that is not only low carb, but high in protein and fibre. At around 59 calories per serve, with 7g of protein, 3.5g of fibre, and 2g of carbs per serve, we know what we’ll be loading our next puttanesca onto!"

$3.50 – $4.95

Black BeanBlack Bean
Edamame BeanEdamame Bean
Soy BeanSoy Bean
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